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Name:Craig Dewey
Home Page:http://www.guitarsbyleo.com/GALLERY2/main.php?g2_itemId=230
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Caption: Craig holding his first granddaughter. Abby is now almost 2 years old.
Co-webmaster: I took over webmaster duties of the guitarsbyleo.com website right after Dave McLaren acquired it from Brad back in October 2000.
Prior to that, I had been helping Dave with the main G&L website.
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Model Neck Date Body Date Color Fretboard Body Bridge Other Features Owner
1. CLF10208 ASAT Junior     Translucent Cherry Ebony Mahogany Tune-a-Matic (Stop Bar Tailpiece) 113 of 250; N-4.8k, B-5.3k; http://www.guitarsbyleo.com/GALLERY2/main.php?g2_itemId=16259 Craig
2. CLF11091 ASAT Special Semi-Hollow     Natural Gloss Ebony Mahogany Saddle-Lock Mahogany #1 neck, gold hardware, locking tuners, F-hole, rear loaded controls, no pickguard; N-4.8k; B-5.0k Craig
3. CLF12619 ASAT Z-3 Semi-Hollow     Tobacco Sunburst Bird's Eye Maple Maple cap/Swamp Ash body Saddle-Lock Gun oil tint # 1 neck, double bound ash body with maple top, matching headstock, gold hardware, no F-hole Craig
4. 133 Commemorative Guitar     Cherryburst Maple Swamp Ash Traditional boxed steel-6 individual saddles All original and looks factory fresh;all case candy plus both COA's (133 of 1000 & 133 of 350); original owner kept in case, unplayed; comp date 9/15/92;flame neck; N-4.13K B-4.82K; http://www.guitarsbyleo.com/GALLERY2/main.php?g2_itemId=17391 Craig
5. G005909 F-100     Natural Gloss Ebony Swamp Ash Saddle-Lock Series I neck, original tuners replace with Grovers by previous owner. N-7.0k, B-7.3k; http://www.guitarsbyleo.com/GALLERY2/main.php?g2_itemId=18652 Craig
6. G051797 John Jorgenson Signature ASAT MAR 11, 1996 NOV 25, 1986 Silver Flake Rosewood Alder Saddle-Lock Originally one of John Jorgenson's personal guitars. I traded with John, G047043 JJ Signature (maple fretboard) for this one. John signed back of headstock.N-4.7k, B-5.0k;note body&neck dates:suspect date stamper error: likely s/b 95 or 96;JJ0005N/P Craig
7. G009792 S-500     White Maple Mahogany DF Vibrato System Mahogany body, 5-1-1982 completion date, skunk strip neck, finish aged to light yellow. N-4.1k, M-4.2k, B-4.4k Craig
8. G027167 Skyhawk Signature OCT 11, 1990 SEP 13, 1990 Natural Gloss Maple Swamp Ash DF Vibrato System Black signature decal, Sperzel Locking tuners; previous owner added the expander toggle switch Craig
9. CLF23928 ASAT Classic "Blues Boy" Semi-Hollow     Blueburst Ebony Swamp Ash Traditional boxed steel-6 individual saddles Gold hardware, black pickguard, birdseye maple neck with gun oil tint and matching headstock, no F-hole. N-7.25k, B-5.68k; http://www.guitarsbyleo.com/GALLERY2/main.php?g2_itemId=16209 Craig
10. CLF57852 ASAT Super Special Build     Powder Blue (test color) Maple Alder Saddle-Lock [Reg Admin note: Prototype built in April 23, 2010;Powder Blue over alder, 3-ply black LP style guard, jumbo MFD single coils with black pole pieces, black knurled knobs, maple neck with Light Tint Gloss finish, N-5.75, B-10.01] Craig
11. CLF33499 ASAT JD-5     Blueburst Maple Swamp Ash Traditional boxed steel-3 barrel saddles vintage fretwire;vintage 3-saddle boxed steel bridge; this guitar used for picture on main G&L site; JD approved neck profile - very comfortable! N-5.6k, B-7.1k Craig
12. CLF44989 25th Anniversary     25th Anniversary Custom Blend Rosewood Mahogany Saddle-Lock only one with gold hardware (including pickup pole pieces) & gold Schaller tuners custom built at the factory; N-9.9k, B-15.6k; http://www.guitarsbyleo.com/GALLERY2/main.php?g2_itemId=16189 Craig
13. CLF60281 30th Anniversary F-100     30th Anniversary Pearl Frost Ebony Mahogany DFS Vibrato System N -9.9k; B - 15.6k; Sperzel tuners with white pearl buttons Craig
14. CLF60458 Korina Collection ASAT Junior II Limited Edition     Aged Natural Gloss Pao Ferro Korina (African White Limba) TonePros T3BT locking bridge with T1Z locking tailpiece Final proto-in the G&L webpage spec page & was used for G&L Korina Collection Review in the Holiday 2011 issue of GP mag & was Editor's pick. Has new football plate jack. N-6.52k; B-8.70k; http://www.guitarsbyleo.com/GALLERY2/main.php?g2_itemId=15724 Craig
15. CLF60786 2012 Special Collection ASAT Classic S     Nearly Naked (NENA) Honey Ale Rosewood Swamp Ash Traditional boxed steel-6 individual saddles The first one made and is the one shown on G&L's website and press release; N-4.93k, M-4.99k, B-5.93k; black tolex Custom Creations case Craig
16. CLF066646 ASAT Classic 'S' Alnico Launch Edition     Autumn Burst Rosewood Western Sugar Pine Traditional boxed steel-6 individual saddles 1 of 50; completion date 1/30/2013; N-6.90k, M-5.51k, B-6.61k; rear body contouring; http://www.guitarsbyleo.com/GALLERY2/main.php?g2_itemId=16590 Craig
17. CLF070480 GbL_LE2     Autumn Burst Roasted Maple Swamp Ash Saddle-Lock #5 of 25; #1 neck; Schaller locking tuners; 1-ply Black pickguard; football plate output jack; 5/14/2014 completion date; N-4.96, B-15.50 Craig
18. CLF076629 ASAT Classic Bluesboy 90 Semi-Hollow     Old School Tobacco Sunburst Rosewood Swamp Ash Traditional boxed steel-6 individual saddles Top-bound White body, OLS, 3-ply Tortoise Shell pickguard, Modern Classic neck 9.5" radius Satin Vintage Tint; from Factory Inventory List completion date 4/6/2016;N-6.26k,B-6.05k; http://www.guitarsbyleo.com/GALLERY2/main.php?g2_itemId=18804 Craig
19. 15051517 Tribute Ascari GTS HB3 LE MAY ??, 2015 MAY ??, 2015 Irish Ale (Tribute Series) Rosewood Maple cap/Mahogany body TonePros C-TPFP locking bridge and CT1 tailpiece N-7.45,M-7.52,B-16.90 Craig
20. 150704221 Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top P-90 LE JUL ??, 2015 JUL ??, 2015 Butterscotch Blonde (Tribute Series) Rosewood Alder Saddle-Lock Top white body binding, push/pull tone pot for tone expansion, N-6.88, B-8.70 Craig
21. 161211917 Tribute ASAT Classic BluesBoy Alnico LE DEC ??, 2016 DEC ??, 2016 Mint Green (Tribute Series) Maple Swamp Ash Traditional boxed steel-6 individual saddles 3-ply white pickguard; N - 7.96k B-6.70k Craig
22. CLF1711060 Doheny     Old School Tobacco Sunburst Maple Alder DF Vibrato System Block Inlays - Black; Tortoise Shell guard; 9.5" radius Modern Classic neck Gloss Vintage Tint; Parchment knobs and pu covers; completion date 11/28/2017; N-5.89 B-6.18 Craig

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