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Blue Lou's
Name:Lou Davidson
Handle:Blue Lou
Home Page:http://www.LouDavidson.com/
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Been playing pro since the 70's,so I know what I like---always wanted to have a G&L,because after all,we know Leo got it right. Went to the nearest actual city (Kansas City)and hit pretty much every store in town,trying out every ASAT in each....and couldn't find a single one I could play! HUH? The necks on them were WAY fat for my taste---I could visualize cramps after one set.
Tired & depressed,I idly picked up a Tribute in the last place...WOW!! That's more LIKE it!
Went back to a couple of the other stores,and tried other Tributes....same story,much better--
However,this one had a B-bender,that one was some odd color,etc,etc,so didn't buy that day.Click the picture above for the rest of the story...
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Model Neck Date Body Date Color Fretboard Body Bridge Other Features Owner
1. 03103934 Tribute ASAT Special OCT ??, 2003 OCT ??, 2003 Amber (Tribute Series) Rosewood Swamp Ash Saddle-Lock According to Craig Dewey this is an 'Amber' finish on a swamp ash body--I say it's 'Honey'. I welcome any comments on this! Blue Lou
2. 04098026 Tribute Legacy     Amber (Tribute Series) Maple Swamp Ash DF Vibrato System   Blue Lou

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