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Name:Bob Moore
Home Page:http://www.artscraftsgifts.com
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I have been a guitar player for 18 years, and have alwalys loved Leo Fender guitars. I consider myself very lucky to own this fine instrument (The ASAT III Classic #65 of 100.)It is by far the best instrument I have ever owned. It is as versitile as any Strat, and heavy duty as any Tele. I haven't touched my 335 since I bought it!
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Model Neck Date Body Date Color Fretboard Body Bridge Other Features Owner
1. CL06565 ASAT Classic III JUN 23, 1998   Three-tone Sunburst (aka Sunburst) Bird's Eye Maple Swamp Ash Traditional boxed steel-6 individual saddles June 23, 1998 tag date G&L Factory sticker on head Bobmoore2000

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