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Name:Dave McLaren
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Caption: Here I am (center), with Tim Pershing (left) and Greg Gagliano (right) of 20th Century Guitar Magazine.
Boy, I suck. You'd think that I could at least put some interesting and updated material in here. And so this is brief.

I'm Executive Vice President of BBE Sound, which, as you know, G&L has been a part of since '91 following Leo's death. Apart from being a major guitarhead, I'm a major motorhead. I love cars, high performance ones in particular.

I've got a wife and son and live in Orange CA, not far from the G&L factory in Fullerton.

Dave McLaren
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Model Neck Date Body Date Color Fretboard Body Bridge Other Features Owner
1. CL06511 ASAT Classic III JUN ??, 1998 JUN ??, 1998 Three-tone Sunburst (aka Sunburst) Bird's Eye Maple Swamp Ash Traditional boxed steel-6 individual saddles   Darth Invader
2. G047225 ASAT Deluxe     Clear Blue Ebony Maple cap/Mahogany body Saddle-Lock #2 mahogany neck with ebony board, black headstock, neck binding, and satin rear finish added later. Loaded with Duncan Seth Lover humbuckers. Darth Invader
3. CL03020 ASAT Junior     Translucent Cherry Ebony Mahogany Tune-a-Matic (Stop Bar Tailpiece) First ASAT Junior. Darth Invader
4. CL07011 ASAT S-3     Tobacco Sunburst Rosewood Alder Saddle-Lock Prototype S-3. Actually a non-working prototype. Center pickup is not reverse wound as would be on production S-3, but same as neck pickup. Rushed in time for Summer NAMM show. Darth Invader
5. G040069 ASAT Special     Lake Placid Blue Metallic Rosewood Alder Saddle-Lock #2 neck, 3-ply white pickguard, white pickup covers. Darth Invader
6. G050174 ASAT Special     Gold Metallic Maple Alder Saddle-Lock #2 neck, creme pickguard, black covers. 1996 model signed by all members of INXS. Used in filming of video for single "Elegantly Wasted". Darth Invader
7. G009041 F-100     Black Maple   Saddle-Lock   Darth Invader
8. B022656 L-2000 Signature     White Maple   Saddle-Lock Leo Fender signature on body and headstock. Black crinkle finish bridge. Darth Invader
9. G044446 Legacy     Electric Blue Rosewood Alder DF Vibrato System #1 neck. Headstock painted to match later, without Legacy logo. I loaded a pearl pickguard with WD lipstick tube pickups, S-500 mini toggle, solid shaft pots and chrome knobs. Darth Invader
10. G051922 S-500     Black Maple Alder DF Vibrato System #1 neck, creme pickguard, black covers. 1996 model signed by all members of INXS. Used in filming of video for single "Elegantly Wasted". Darth Invader

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