Welcome to the www.guitarsbyleo.com Registry, the web's largest instrument registry!!  The goal of the Registry project is to compile as complete a database of G&L date, serial number, and instrument feature information as we possibly can.  If you own a G&L, please submit it!!  The benefits that this database will provide to researchers and collectors (present and future) should be obvious, and the success of Jim Werner's list of Fender data (known to its participants simply as "The List") stands as ample proof of the concept.  Your guitar and bass data is needed in order for this project to be a success!  Also check out the G&L Rarebirds section below to learn about another cool thing that we're already using the Registry data for!

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Just for grins, I thought it'd be cool to keep tabs on all of the rare, hard-to-find G&Ls that have been submitted to the Registry (*).  Below you will find a fairly exhaustive listing of G&L's "Rarebirds"; click on the model names (or images) to view detailed subpages containing background information, photos, and a complete listing of all registered examples.

Year(s) Model Num. Produced Num. Registered
2007 The Phyllis Model: "Blondie" Limited Edition 100 22
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2007 F-100 Return Edition Limited Edition 100 0 2007 BABP Limited Edition 22 18 2006 ASAT Trinity Special Edition 25 27 2006 G&L 25th Anniversary 250 52 2000 ASAT G&L 20th Anniversary 50 23 1999 ASAT Blues Boy 32 22 1999 ASAT '50 10 8 1999 ASAT Z-2 10 7 1999 www.guitarsbyleo.com Limited Edition 25 22 1999 Rampage Reissue 70 0 1998-2000 ASAT Junior 250 110 1998 ASAT Classic III 100 32 1995-96 ASAT Custom (1996) Approx. 25 15 1995 John Jorgenson Signature ASAT Approx. 190 59 1991-92 ASAT Classic Leo Fender Commemorative 350 88 1991-92 ASAT Bass Leo Fender Commemorative 150 12 1989-91 Comanche VI Unknown 23 1988-91 Comanche V Unknown 17 1988-92 L-5000 Approx. 400 96 1988-91 ASAT III (Pre-BBE) Approx. 150 59 1985-86 Broadcaster 869 375 1984-91 Interceptor Bass Approx. 400 33 1983-91 Interceptor (All Body Styles) Unknown 76 1983 Nighthawk 269 90 1982-84 HG-2 (Both Body Styles) Unknown 22 1982-83 SC-1 Approx. 250 116 1982-83 HG-1 Unknown 0 1982-83 SC-3 (Mustang-style Body) Approx. 350 52 1981-82 G-200 209 71

* The fine print:  Note that for our purposes, the Rarebirds are those models with a production total of 400 or less; in addition, I make a special exception for the Broadcaster due to its "limited edition" nature (and fame).  Naturally, for any given G&L model there are going to be unique and/or otherwise rare or "one-off" instruments - for example, the candy lemon F-100s. I do not attempt to document such intra-model rarities here. Similarly, G&L has produced a plethora of non-production prototypes throughout the years, and the only such prototypes that I attempt to document here are some of the more sought-after and/or well-known examples, such as the second-style X-body Interceptors and the ASAT Customs.  Finally, you'll notice that some models list "Unknown" in the "Num. Made" column - these are models which are thought to be quite rare, but for which precise production figures are not currently available.

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(Special thanks to Greg Gagliano for initially suggesting the idea of a G&L registry, and for hand-maintaining the "offline" version of this registry for the first year of its existence.)

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